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Important Information on Hoof Trimming Chutes

Keeping dairy cows would be a huge investment. To maintain, maximum yield, however, the farmer needs to ensure the cows are happy and healthy. One of the important management practice for your cows is hoof trimming. Nowadays, however, modern handling equipment help to perform hoof trimming efficiently while observing the comfort of the cows. Hoof trimming chutes has actually made this happen. These trimmers have helped reduce lameness in dairy cattle.

Normally, dairy cows walk or remain standing for quite some time. On average, a dairy cow would cover 3-4 km a day. There would extra pressure on the hooves from the weight. Because of the accelerated wear and tear, abnormal hoof growth may occur. When the hooves are left unchecked, it can result in diseases or damaged hooves together with additional serious issues.

With cattle hoof trimming chutes, however, such problems can be minimized. It is not always easy to perform hoof trimming through traditional techniques. Traditional techniques can be uncomfortable for the cows and less efficient. You are, however, able to promote the comfort of the cattle through modern chutes. Hoof trimming is also done with more efficiency nowadays because of cattle hoof trimming chutes.

You should, however, consider buying these modern trimmers since you will get hoof trimming chutes for sale. When hooves remain unchecked, injuries and lameness may occur. When such happens, there is more frustration and anxiety for the farmer. Lameness and injuries are also distressing to the cow and would affect production making it unprofitable. When you keep your cows comfortable through modern hoof trimming technology you promote good health and productivity. Get more facts about hoofs at

Hoof care is very important for dairy cattle. However, hoof trimming would be a difficult task when doing it for a large herd without the right equipment. However, hoof trimming chute simplify the task and offer many other advantages. There are also additional advantages when you perform hoof trimming from cow hoof trimming school.

1. Avoid lameness and injuries.

This advantage is usually realized when trimming is properly done. When trimming is performed with chutes, lameness and injuries are avoided. If hoof trimming is done properly the hooves are returned to their right balance thereby preventing undue pressure. Therefore, the hooves can perfectly support the weight of the cow.

2. Maximum milk production.

According to various studies, there is maximum yield from cows that are healthy and happy. There is, however, reduced production for injured and lame cows. Lame cows would be difficult to be milked. Through regular hoof trimming, your dairy herd will stay injury free and comfortable.

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